From the continuous canopy of Plane Trees that line
 Hutt Street, OPUS rises with a sculptural quality that sets it apart from the ordinary. Moulded window bays and delicate, fluted concrete cladding create an iconic building.

Built Form

Distinctive curved balconies and substantial setbacks reduce the mass of the building and provide spacious living spaces. With OPUS, you’ll find a harmonious synergy between the exterior of the building and the living spaces within.
 One does not dictate to the other. Harmony exists. Design is impeccable.

The site has not been over-developed. Set on a podium of quality retail space and separated by a single boutique commercial floor, there is a human scale to OPUS. With just 46 apartments it is intimate, private and unique.

OPUS on Hutt Street is committed to creating a sustainable environment. Double glazing and high thermal wall materials create a highly efficient environment, while the car parks are future-proofed with infrastructure for electric car chargers.

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