The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Floor-to-ceiling glazing saves you money and keeps the noise out

OPUS on Hutt Street wanted to make a unique apartment building.

Keeping the apartments to 4 or 5 per floor and utilising the corners maximises natural daylight and cross-ventilation and provides privacy and individual outlooks to each apartment.  

Double Glazed Windows

This has remarkable benefits in summer and winter and is a feature rarely seen in Adelaide Apartment developments. With the extra light comes extra glass, and that is one reason why OPUS have gone the extra mile.

An Investment that reduces electricity costs

Adelaide has cold winters and scorching summers. With the increasing cost of electricity, having double glazed windows can significantly assist with savings on your electricity bill. Double glazed windows help keep apartments cooler in summer and warmer in winter using less air conditioning in during both seasons, thus saving you money. An additional benefit is the noise reducing effects of the double layers of glass. Giving you peace and quiet while you enjoy the perfect temperature and incredible views.

Security and Comfort

When you're in a luxury car, and then the car door closes, it's sealed and gives that feel of security and comfort. The whole car feels like it's locked down. This is one of the unique features of OPUS on Hutt Street and sets it apart from other developments. Other building developments that we see in Adelaide tend to whistle when the wind goes through them.   With many apartments, it's a race to control costs, so single glazing is the standard. Not with OPUS on Hutt.   If you would like to learn more about the other features of OPUS on Hutt, we would love to meet with you or speak with you on the phone. Contact Us  

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